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Since ceramic braces are made of a clear material that is far less noticeable than traditional metal braces, they’re in demand with both teenagers and adults. Ceramic braces can be used as a substitute for traditional metal braces, since they are just as strong and effective as regular braces. Some people even find these braces to be more comfortable than traditional braces.  

Ceramic braces have several drawbacks: they are more fragile than regular braces, and they are often only used on the upper teeth since the ceramic material is more likely to damage tooth enamel than regular braces. However, some patients may be able to use ceramic braces on their lower teeth as well.

For smokers or heavy coffee drinkers, the small rubber bands used in ceramic braces can stain between visits. Dr. Dworkin will replace these rubber bands at each adjustment to maintain the invisible look of your ceramic braces.

The type of ceramic braces used by Dr. Dworkin resists discoloration and staining, so you will have a beautiful smile throughout your treatment.

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